Part 2: Skills Training

Part 2 of Board-Approved Supervisor training consists of 12 hours of live training provided either in person or online across 2 days. Each day involves 6 hours of learning that addresses skill development associated with the 6 competencies for supervisors as determined by the Psychology Board of Australia.  

The purpose of this training is to expand on the knowledge base provided in Part 1, to provide participants with practical instruction, and opportunities for practice and feedback on the key skills and competencies required to be a board-approved supervisor. This will enable participants to move on to Part 3: Competency-based assessment and evaluation in which they will be required to demonstrate and reflect on their skills. 

Learning Outcomes

At the end of the training, attendees will be able to:

  • Identify and demonstrate interpersonal skills needed for Supervision (e.g. communication, empathy).
  • Demonstrate knowledge of how to establish and develop the supervisory relationship.
  • Demonstrate knowledge of assessment methods to monitor and evaluate supervisee competencies throughout supervision.
  • Reflect on personal biases, limitations and competencies that supervisors may bring to the supervisory process.
  • Understand and demonstrate key skills required to develop supervisee’s competencies and ability to self-reflect (e.g. modelling, observation, questioning, challenging, providing critical feedback, etc.).
  • Understand the process and demonstrate skills required to have difficult conversations with supervisees to address concerns regarding their practice (e.g. not meeting competencies, ethical concerns, etc).
  • Understand and identify how the supervisory process can be adapted to accommodate cultural and social diversity both in supervisees and their clients. 
  • Recognise and address potential ethical and legal concerns brought up in supervision within the context of regulation under National Law. 

To be eligible to register for Part 2 you must:

  • Have been a fully registered psychologist for at least 3 years.
  • Have completed and passed Part 1: Knowledge Assessment with an approved provider prior to the start date of your chosen Part 2 training. NB: Evidence of completion of Part 1 must be supplied to Okey Dokey prior to commencing Part 2.

Part 2 training can be purchased on its own or in a package with Part 3: Competency-based Assessment and Evaluation.

If you would like to register for upcoming in person or online Part 2 training, please see below:

Upcoming Part 2: Skills Training

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Person Writing on Notebook

Upcoming Part 2 & 3 Packages

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