Board Approved Supervisor Training for Australian Psychologists

A psychologist registered with AHPRA and wanting to become a Board-approved supervisor needs to complete Board-approved competency-based supervisor training (full training), consisting of three components that need to be completed in sequence.

Part 1: Knowledge Assessment

This part requires at least seven hours of self-directed preparatory work relating to knowledge of best-practice supervision and knowledge of relevant Board codes, guidelines and policies. Completion of this part requires passing an online assessment.

Part 2: Skills training workshop

This two-day workshop focuses on integrating knowledge and practical skills. It requires direct/live training to develop practical supervision skills that are relevant to all supervisee training pathways and to reflective supervision practice. Find out more>

Part 3: Competency-based assessment and evaluation

This part requires you to submit an electronic recording of a supervision session and a written reflection of the session. The training provider will systematically assess your demonstration of supervisor competencies and provide a pass or fail grade and feedback. Find out more >

Raelene Dundon

About your instructor

Raelene is the Director of Okey Dokey Childhood Therapy, a large paediatric allied health clinic in Melbourne, Australia. She is a late diagnosed Autistic, an ADHDer, and a registered Educational & Developmental Psychologist with over 15 years’ experience. She holds Masters Degrees in Educational and Developmental Psychology and Child Play Therapy. Raelene is also an academic lecturing in Play Therapy at Deakin University.

Raelene regularly presents workshops for parents and professionals on topics related to supporting Neurodivergent children at home and in the classroom, and has presented at conferences in Prague, New York, Birmingham, Edinburgh, Macau, Singapore, and across Australia both in person and virtually. 

Raelene is the author of five books published by Jessica Kingsley Publishers titled “Talking to your child about their Autism Diagnosis – A parents guide (2017)” and “Teaching Social Skills to Children with Autism Using Minecraft®: A Step by Step Guide (2019)”, “The Parents’ Guide to Managing Anxiety in Children with Autism (2019)”, “PDA in the Therapy Room: A Clinicians Guide to Working with Children with Pathological Demand Avoidance (2021)”, and “A Therapist’s Guide to Neurodiversity Affirming Practice with Children and Young People (2023)”.

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